We are all living in a complex and playful field of energy that underlies all of life’s experiences. Yet most of us have no idea this magnificent field exists.

In every moment, you are creating vast and beautiful artwork made of energy within the divine field. With a little training and attention, you can learn to paint on the canvas of life the way a talented artist shapes a masterpiece.

Most of us are oblivious to the power we have in each mundane moment of our tightly scheduled lives. Our culture has ingrained in each of us a sense of what’s expected—how we’re supposed to behave and what we should strive for as a measurement of success. We believe our culture is—with the best intentions—teaching you erroneous thinking.

This course will help you shift the erroneous models you have been given in order to free you to create a life of genuine wholeness.

This course will also teach you to:

  • See how life’s challenges are offering the raw material for powerful and rapid inner growth;
  • Play with “the field” and read the feedback as a reflection of your inner state, enabling you to play with the magic of your own life;
  • Uncover the stories and patterns you are creating that don’t serve you while helping you create a new story that will transform your personal relationships; and
  • Allow presence and stillness to be at the foundation of everything you create.


Class Schedule

fieldtripThis course is taken at your own pace.  There are two audios that range from 60 to 120 minutes to listen to for each class outlined below.  Some of the classes will have a worksheet for you to complete to help you further integrate the material.  If you are enrolling in the Equus Coach Training we highly recommend this course to help you prepare for your journey.

Class 1 – The Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel – Recognizing Harmony and Aligning Mind & Emotion  
taught by Koelle Simpson & Jennifer Voss

Class 2 – The Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel – Recognizing Harmony and Aligning Body & Spirit
taught by Koelle Simpson & Jennifer Voss

Class 3 – Creating Balance Within Yourself – A Visit with the Divine Masculine & Feminine
taught by Koelle Simpson & Boyd Varty

Class 4 – Patterns as the Foundation of Life in the World of Form
taught by Koelle Simpson & Jennifer Voss

Class 5 – The Nature of Archetypes and The Human Blueprint
taught by Michael & Lynn Trotta

Class 6 – Myth, Mischief, and Meaning Making
taught by Michael Trotta & Ashley Jansen

Class 7 – Dancing With Your Inner Shadow and Embracing the Messages From Your Dreams
taught by Koelle Simpson & Ashley Jansen

Class 8 – Communing with Your True Nature – Sit Spot and the Art of Inner Tracking
taught by Michael & Lynn Trotta

Class 9 – Witnessing the Intelligence of Life – Looking at How Nature is Speaking to You
taught by Boyd Varty & Michael Trotta

Class 10 –  Sit Spot and Nurturing Your True Nature
taught by Michael & Lynn Trotta

Class 11 – The Nature of Storytelling  – Playing the Part of Your Life
taught by Boyd Varty & Ashley Jansen

Class 12 – Cultivating Presence and Stillness
taught by Ashley Jansen & Jennifer Voss

Class 13 – Shaping and Supporting Community
taught by Koelle, Michael, Jennifer, Boyd & Ashley

Meet the Facilitators

The course facilitators are a group of people committed to helping people make the profound spiritual shift that is allowed—perhaps required—by the many upheavals of the historical moment we’re living in.

We created this experience to support you in taking this inner journey, reframing your personal story, re-imagining your future, and creating a more fulfilling experience of life than you may have believed was possible.

Koelle Simpson

Life coach and horse whisperer, Koelle Simpson, offers a new perspective on communication and trust development. Having dedicated her life to learning profound lessons from Mother Nature, most especially her four-legged equine teachers, Koelle became inspired to share these life changing experiences with others. Koelle’s mission in life is to return the insightful gifts she received from horses by helping others rebuild trust in themselves and unleash the empowered, creative true nature that lies within each of us.

Michael Trotta

Michael Trotta is an artist, storyteller, learning specialist, master coach, survival skills expert, student of native traditions and the Hero’s Journey, proud dyslexic, facilitator of rites of passage programs, community builder and coffee lover who lives to create culture that connects people to their “Original Medicine. Michael co-founded the Sagefire Institute with his wife, Lynn, in 2005 and currently enjoys enriching a wide variety of coaching and educational training programs by lending his own special blend of myth and mischief to the mix. Michael was raised by coyotes and is now happily raising one of his own.

Jennifer Voss

Jennifer Voss, Dream Facilitator and founder of the Truth Experience, believes that when you know, embrace, and live by your own Truth, life becomes one hell of a ride. Before becoming a Master Life & Equus Coach, she earned an MBA and spent 20+ years in various business ventures – ranging from owning an independent bookstore to holding an executive role within a national distribution company.  To her, there is nothing better than helping people harness the Faith to fully Experience life.

Boyd Varty

Boyd Varty grew up in the African bush surrounded by a family whose dream was to “restore Eden.”  In pursuit of this dream, he continues to find ways to link the growth of the human mind and spirit with the restoration of ecosystems. He is a published author (Cathedral of the Wild), a master coach, and devoted healer of not only landscapes and animals, but of people who want to learn to sustainably coexist with nature. His family’s nature preserve is named “Londolozi,” Zulu for “protector of all living things.” His life has been, and will continue to be, formed by that ideal.

Ashley Gates Jansen

Ashley Gates Jansen is a theatre artist, minister, and master coach who has experience working with artists, addictions, mental illness, spiritual despair and personal relationships. She is committed to helping others rediscover their inner divinity, grace, power, and wisdom. Ashley has participated in Byron Katie’s School for the Work three times and lives on Wildflower Farm in Pennsylvania with her magical family.

Lynn Trotta

Lynn Trotta is a mother, wife, amateur chicken farmer, certified coach, and teacher for Sagefire Institute. She believes that every individual is born into this world with a unique gift and it’s their birthright to develop and share that gift with the world. Using Nature-Based Coaching tools and invoking various archetypes, Lynn helps women remove barriers to the process of honing and spreading these gifts. When she isn’t coaching, much of her joy and energy goes into spending time in the garden or splashing in puddles with her greatest creation – her five-year-old daughter.


Course Fee:  $199

You will receive to complete at your own pace:

  • two audios—ranging from 60 to 120 minutes each—for most of the 13 tele-class topics
  • audio transcripts and class handouts to help support your learning
  • simple homework style worksheets to complete as you listen

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