Koelle Simpson shares her work in speaking engagements and transformational workshops all throughout the U.S., Europe, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.

She has been seen on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN on Finding Sarah Ferguson, the BBC World News, and featured in various national and international publications. Koelle Simpson’s clientele range from globally recognized corporate executives to non-profit leaders to everyday individuals seeking more information about improving their interpersonal and leadership skills.

For speaking inquiries, email support@koelleinstitute.com.

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Meet Koelle Simpson of The Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching in Longmont, VoyageDenver

Koelle opens up about her very first experience with horses, how Equus Coaching and the Koelle Institute came to be, and the initial challenges of getting this transformative work out in the world—one client, one facility at a time—and more, in this new interview with VoyageDenver. Read the article.



Restoring Connection Workshop with Koelle Simpson, Shutterbean

A San Francisco-based food blogger, Tracy Benjamin, shares her powerful first-hand experience attending an Equus Coaching Workshop. Discover what you can learn from a horse. Read the article.

(Photo: Emma K. Morris)






Horse Sense, Oprah Magazine

In the August 2013 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Martha Beck takes us through the journey of a client’s life changing equus session with Koelle. Read more



Horse Sense, The National

How did our relationship go this wrong, this fast? I mean, I’m the one who’s supposed to be in charge here. But first she stopped wanting… Read more


Learning Curves: Corporate Horse Whisperer, Delta Sky Magazine

You never face your issues more squarely than when you can’t tell a lie. Allie NEVER lies. And I am not trying to lie to Allie. Read more: Cover, Part 1, Part 2


Neigh Sayers, National Journal

How political leaders in both parties can learn a thing or two from horse whisperers. So how about a column that starts out being about… Read more


Everything Left Unspoken, Times Live

With its silent language of gestures, horse whispering is not only for the feverish esoteric, it’s a way to connect humans to horses. Oliver Roberts… Read more

Having trouble communicating with your partner? Go talk to a horse., Washington Post

Not too long ago a former high-profile fashion executive told me about the wonders of equine therapy. She brought a skeptical group of French executives to a serene California ranch… Read more

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