Koelle Simpson is a world-renowned life coach, horse whisperer, and leader of the Equus Coaching Movement.

After experiencing early childhood trauma, horses became an important part of her journey to rebuilding a sense of trust in herself and the world around her. The safety, honesty, and wisdom she witnessed in these powerful four-legged teachers offered a profound and playful roadmap to reconnect with her own inner wisdom. 

Since then, Koelle has been honored to study with some of the world’s greatest teachers including world-renowned equine trainer, Monty Roberts, and best-selling author, life coach, and O Magazine columnist, Dr. Martha Beck. Koelle’s own work has been featured in O Magazine, BBC Business Report, the National Journal, the OWN Network and TEDx. She works with individuals and institutions around the world including South Africa, Europe, the UAE, Canada, and the United States.

In 2006, Koelle founded the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching out of a desire (and demand!) to share her life-transforming insights with others. The Institute has evolved into a remarkable community of compassionate and highly skilled Equus Coaches dedicated to facilitating transformative encounters with horses.

Koelle is in awe of where her journey has led thus far. As a humble student of life, she marvels at the magic and resilience of the human spirit, and hopes to continue serving others. 

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