1. Jill Kelley says:

    Oh, Koelle, I Love this story. It’s such a simple concept brought to light for each of us who read this. Your gentle curiosity drawing out his deep truth/need … and then him taking these seeds of wisdom and planting them. You’ve just painted a magnificent garden that includes below ground level, revealing all roots connecting.

  2. Raquel LeBaudour says:

    I came home from my own “talk therapy” counseling session, after having just discussed something so strikingly similar with my Therapist, myself. I was feeling defeated, however. Unclear on a solution. Until I read this. Thank you! This was just what I needed. The Universe is amazing. The timing, just too perfect. Koelle, you’ve been speaking #truth to me for years now. One day, I hope to study alongside you. Thank you, again, for your help. Be well!
    😉 …

  3. Cathy Buelow says:

    Beautiful! I love how you give words to feeling into creativity through sharing this story, and acknowledging the core role of the heart in the process. Thank you for creating inspiration within me.

  4. Robert Martens says:

    Beautifully written (as usual), Koelle, and a great reminder/reinforcement for me to continue on this path. Sometimes I wonder if the “little” attempts I make: getting a genuine smile from my Meals on Wheels recipients, or an intentional eye to eye response to a thank you,- are doing any good. But they are! These little things make connections that are then passed on throughout the day, each time multiplying the effect.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to put these concepts into words. Know that they are absorbed and passed on – probably with feelings and intentions more so than words – as you might have them 😉

    Love and Light – Robert

  5. I loved the way you elaborated the story, for a while, even I disconnected from my surroundings. Solutions of all your worries are within you. Thanks for sharing.

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