About a month ago, I started having vivid dreams of the California redwood forest. These massive trees are thousands of years old and are the largest and tallest trees in the world. Night after night, I saw myself walking amongst these beautiful behemoths and felt myself sink into the deep time of nature. When I […]

I’ve been witnessing an interesting pattern play out in myself lately. It goes something like this: anytime I get close to feeling sad or thinking that someone doesn’t care about my needs, I immediately kick into action and channel all of my energy into creation and doing. On the surface it looks like spectacular productivity, […]

Spring is a time of creativity and abundance, the world sprouting alive with new vibrancy, energy, and ideas. The intense transformation during this season of new life is palpable and contagious! Amidst all of the hubbub and activity, I am reminded of something opposite yet complimentary—the vital importance of rest. I must admit, I’m utterly […]

Everywhere I go, people have been sharing stories about how chaotic life is right now. Turn on the news, talk to a neighbor, scroll through Facebook and the message is pretty consistent: many of us are feeling lost, unsure, and a little scared about where we are heading. There are so many unanswered questions. What is happening […]

Early last month, to kick off the New Year and celebrate my 37th birthday, I decided to take part in a native shamanic ceremony. I gathered with a small group of beautiful souls on New Year’s Eve and eventually found myself sitting quietly amongst them in meditation. As my mind settled down and my body […]

Learn to Facilitate Life Changing Lessons with Horses

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