Founder of the Institute for Equus Coaching, Koelle Simpson, talks about the ways we might cultivate improved resilience by gently challenging our nervous system and then restoring well-being and parasympathetic function. Watch this video:

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This month’s video comes to you from the Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. While sitting silent and connecting with a herd of wild elephants, here, I had an aha moment: What if our ideas of survival of the fittest are wrong and we are missing swaths of information that tell a deeper story? What if […]

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I’ve always believed that when it comes to forming a heartfelt, trusting relationship with a horse—or with anyone for that matter—it’s not about arriving with an enormous bank of knowledge or knowing all the right answers. Instead, horses have consistently reminded me that when we finally feel safe enough to show up wildly imperfect—and have […]

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In this month’s newsletter, Koelle shares her insights on the importance of learning to trust in and honor our own experience. During this video, Koelle reflects on a couple’s Equus Coaching session and how it led them to form a new understanding of how their earliest experiences influence how they show up, in the present, […]

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This Valentines Day, Koelle Simpson reflects on her most important relationship—her relationship with herself. You’re invited to watch this new video from Koelle about the incredible value of this relationship and read her love letter below. Then consider taking a courgeous step to write a love letter to yourself and see what you discover. To My Greatest […]

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