I’ve recently been trying to adjust to my new hearing aids. If you’ve never had to do this, allow me to share with you that in the first few months of adjustment it’s as if life itself has suddenly shifted into a roaring rock concert. It can be intense as your body tries to adjust […]

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When you get the same message three times in one day it’s probably time to sit up and take notice… Boyd Varty and I recently went on a short weekend trip to Lake Tahoe. We were there to connect with local female tracker and conservationist, Meghan Walla-Murphy, and explore the area with a view to […]

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I’m writing you just as I’m about to make my return to my home to the North Star Ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA. I’m returning after nearly 3 months in the South African bush veld at Londolozi game preserve where I make time each year for deep resting and a full submersion into the […]

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I was recently listening to a recording of David Whyte reading his extraordinary poem The Opening of Eyes and it got me thinking about the idea of innocence. I think of innocence as having two faces: the childish face and the childlike face. A childish innocence is one that is naive and resistant to the […]

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