1. jennifer says:

    Dear Koelle,
    I could so relate to your post about Discerning Fear. I am being called to honor my High Value Gift of Discernment and have wondered why this gift is so challenging for me. In the past I have noticed when I am uncomfortable around another person and/or a situation and I also want to go to the WHY. To the disconnect. After reading your post, I believe that the key to my discernment lies in my willingness to allow & honor my body’s soulful communication. If I stay in the present, I allow my Discernment to come forward. If I stay in the present, I own my power.
    Thank you for the call to Be the Baily in my Life.
    Much love to you, Jennifer

  2. Mindy J says:

    Fear has been so much a part of my entire life. I’ve had some moments where I was successful in honoring myself in spite of the fear and have grown, but there’s still something there that continues to keep me from being my true authentic self in the moment.

    After learning the Bailey Way…I’m going to practice that more. Just sense what my body is telling me, without wanting to know why and just settling into the present moment. Then waiting for next inspired interaction, step or action…or if none, to simply walk away without judgement as Bailey did.

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