Equus Certification Prep Course

Have you completed the Equus Coach Training? Are you ready to focus your energy on becoming a certified Equus Coach?

This course is designed with you in mind!

We’ve all been through a lot in the last year which often derailed our best laid plans as Equus Coaches. The Institute instructors understand that a global pandemic, along with the different learning styles and unique life events of each student, play a role in being certification ready. Whether you have just begun thinking about certification or only almost complete and have a video or two to submit, we are here to help.

The Institute has put together a certification prep course that includes a 9-teleclass series, individualized mentorship with an Equus Coaching Master Facilitator (ECMF), and a 3-day onsite at Apache Springs in Tucson, AZ.

If you want to refresh your skills as an Equus Coach, receive mentorship, and create a clear path toward certification, this course may be for you. In this course, you will:

  • Review and practice skills for guiding conversations with coaching clients (powerful questions, reflective listening, hunches, etc.)
  • Review and practice coaching tools available you can use to support your clients.
  • Review The Work by Byron Katie.
  • Review and practice important horsemanship skills.
  • Receive individualized feedback to prepare you for certification.
  • Receive individualized mentorship to help you be ready for certification.
  • Design an individualized plan, including turtle steps, for your path to certification.

Participants in this course have the option of attending a Fall Practicum (Dates TBD) at a discounted price. See below for more information.


Equus Certification Prep Course

Schedule & Class Descriptions

Class 1: Welcome and Introduction taught by Erin Cutshall

As with Equus Coaching sessions, it is important to open the learning space and set intentions for how and where we each hope to grow.

During this class, attendees will:

  • Introduce themselves to unfamiliar herd members
  • Review an overview of the course
  • Share intentions for their learning journey 
  • Meet their ECMF mentor

Class 2: Tools Review taught by Travis Stock

As we follow our curiosity with clients, we often stumble upon areas where the client has a limiting belief, feels stuck, is unclear, or just needs support. Luckily, we have tools available to us that can help. This class will provide a review of some of the tools you can use when supporting clients.

During this class: attendees will:

  • Review Seasons of Change model
  • Review the Metaphor tool
  • Review Talk to the Body
  • Review Ideal day (the Equus Way)
  • Review Turtle Steps tool

Class 3: Guiding the Conversation taught by Renee Sievert

The foundational skills we offer as Equus Coaches exist in how we show up in our conversations with clients. When we are genuinely curious about our clients, we open a space for them to see themselves in new ways. From there, we use powerful questions, reflective listening, and hunches to help guide our clients into exploration of their beliefs, feelings, strengths, and challenges. 

During this class, attendees will:

  • Review and practice open-ended vs. closed-ended questions
  • Review and practice reflective listening skills.
  • Review and practice throwing out a hunch.

Class 4: Live Coaching Call/Instructor Q&A  taught by Travis

Class 5: The Work taught by Erin Cutshall

What we believe impacts the way we act. And sometimes, our clients will come to us with beliefs that limit them and cause suffering. The Work by Byron Katie is a powerful perspective-shifting exercise that can help in these moments; and yet, It is often one of the more challenging skills for many Equus Coaches. This class will offer more support and practice so you can effectively use this perspective shifting tool with your clients.

During this class, attendees will:

Review and practice The Work

Class 6: Horsemanship taught by Kasia Roether

What sets Equus Coaching apart is our partnership with horses when supporting clients. The experiential nature of interacting and building a relationship with a horse offers such a rich environment for the personal development of our clients. As Equus coaches, it is our job to ensure safety of the client and horse, point out (and sometimes help translate) horse feedback, and support the client in translating the metaphors playing out in their interactions with the horse. 

During this class: attendees will:

  • Think about the tendency to humanize the horse.
  • Practice observing and interpreting horse feedback.
  • Continue developing the “horse as a metaphor” skill

3 Day Onsite: An in-person gathering on June 11-13th, 2021.

** A separate invoice will be sent for your lodging and meals. Lodging is $120 per night and your meals for all three days are $150.

Location: Apache Springs, Tucson AZ

This onsite will focus on practicing the skills of Equus Coaching all with the goal of preparing you for certification. You will have the opportunity to practice your technical horsemanship skills, coaching other participants of this course (with feedback from your ECMF mentor), and coaching volunteer clients on the final day.

Class 7: Post Onsite Debrief and Individual Feedback taught by Erin Cutshall

During this class: attendees will:

  • Debrief onsite
  • Receive individualized feedback directed to their path to certification

Class 8: Mentor Meeting

In order to move toward a goal we set for ourselves, a plan of action is often helpful. This allows us to break the bigger goals (in this case certification) into smaller, achievable goals. There is no group class meeting this week. You will use the time to meet with your Master Facilitator mentor to develop an action plan for your path to certification.

During this call: attendees will:

  • Meet with their ECMF mentor
  • Get clear on what is needed to complete certification
  • Develop an individualized action plan (turtle steps, timeline, etc.) toward certification
  • Receive mentorship/coaching from ECMF mentor

Class 9: Certification Plan Presentations taught by Erin Cutshall and the instructor team

We are all more successful at achieving our goals when we have others who help and hold us accountable to our commitments. Each student will present their action plan for certification to the instructors and fellow participants.

During this class: attendees will:

  • Present their action plan for certification
  • Ask for/receive support from instructors and fellow participants


Equus Certification Prep Course

Teleclass Schedule

Taking place on Thursdays at noon PT beginning April 22, 2021

Class 1 – Welcome and Introduction (April 22, 2021)

Taught by Erin Cutshall

Class 2 – Tools Review (April 29, 2021) 

Taught by Travis Stock

Class 3 – Guiding the Conversation (May 6, 2021)

Taught by Renee Sievert

Class 4 – Live Coaching Call/Instructor Q&A (May 13, 2021)

Taught by Travis Stock

No class the week of May 20, 2021– Meet with ECMF Mentors to practice skills so far and receive feedback. 

Class 5 – The Work  (May 27, 2021)

Taught by Erin Cutshall

Class 6- Horsemanship (June 3, 2021) 

Taught by Kasia Roether

Class 7 – Onsite Debrief and Individual Feedback (June 17, 2021)

Taught by Erin Cutshall

Class 8 – Mentor Meeting (June 24, 2021)

Taught by ECMF Mentors

Class 9 – Certification Plan Presentations (July 1, 2021)

Taught by Erin Cutshall and instructor team


Join us today!

Course Fee: $2,000


When you register for this course, you also get a 25% discount on any future practicum. Email us at support@koelleinstitute.com when you’re ready to attend a practicum with your discount.

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