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Download free coaching reveal:  What will happen if people really know what I’m thinking?

Download free coaching reveal:  How can I allow myself to trust that it’s safe to grieve a loss?

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Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos (October 2014)

Planting Seeds in the Universal Field (September 2014)

Trusting Your Inner Compass (July 2014)

Learning from Our Emotions (May 2014)  

The Art of Non-Action (March 2014)

Trusting the Mystery of Life (February 2014)

The Intelligence of Life (January 2014)

Fractals and Patterns: Representations in Our Life (December 2013)


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BBC Middle East Business Report: Horse Whispering for Business

Koelle Simpson works with a workshop client, Donna Reed, as she learns to express her personal truth.

Koelle at TEDx San Diego:  The Story of Maximus

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