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“While experiences of trauma can have an enormous impact on our minds, heart and bodies—we begin the road to healing and personal freedom each time we take a small step to slow down and re-connect with what we truly need to feel safe in any given moment.”
– Koelle Simpson

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Koelle’s Reading Recommendations

The Body Keeps Score Bessel Van der Kolk

The Body Keeps the Score
by Bessel Van de Kolk
Available on Audible

The Gift of Imperfection
by Brenè Brown
Available on Audible

Brene Brown Braving the Wilderness

Braving the Wilderness
by Brenè Brown
Available on Audible


Loving What Is
by Byron Katie

Beyond Words
by Carl Safina
Available on Audible


Ishmael: A Novel
by Daniel Quinn
Available on Audible

Bastard Out of Carolina
by Dorthy Allison
Available on Audible and as a movie
*Please keep in mind this fiction story
about sexual abuse may be
triggering for some readers.

Language of Emotions
by Karla McLaren
Available on Audible

Walking the Tiger
by Peter Levine

Healing Trauma
by Peter Levine
Available on Audible

Play: How it Shapes the Brain
by Stuart Brown
Available on Audible


Free Equus Coaching Resources


Documentary & Movie Suggestions that Help Create Awareness Around Sexual Abuse:

The Tale – (HBO)

Miss Representation – (Netflix)

The Mask You Live In – (Independent)

I am Jane Doe – (Netflix)

City of Joy – (Netflix)


Effective Ways to Work with Trauma and the Body

Equus Coaching

Qi Gong


Rolfing Massage from a practitioner you trust


Somatic Experiencing

TRE – Trauma Release Exercises

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique


Free Equus Coaching Resources


Journey to the Nature Within

 Live coaching and interviews to help grow your relationship with yourself, transform your life patterns and change your world.

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Free Equus Coaching Resources

Have you ever been in a leadership position – be it professionally or personally – where it feels like trying to lead a herd of wild horses? Where you need to influence a group of vastly different personalities. All with competing agendas. Any of which feel like they could bolt at the slightest sign of a threat? If so, then this episode of #insideinfluencepodcast is for you.

Julie Masters interviews Koelle Simpson, leader of the Equus Coaching Movement, coach to world leading CEO’s – and one of the most highly regarded horse whispers on the planet. In this conversation we talk the silent language of leadership, what real authority looks like and how our addiction to control often leaves us powerless. We also dive deep into mastering the wild horses of our mind. How to avoid getting ‘thrown’. The tools to developing a sense of deep authority. Setting fierce boundaries. Calming people with our presence – and yet – leading the charge when it counts. Oh… and how to do all of that without relying on words.

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Free Equus Coaching Resources

Additional Equus Coaching Resources

Working with Koelle

A Lesson on Building Trust





BBC Middle East Business Report: Horse Whispering for Business

Koelle Simpson works with a client, Donna Reed, as she learns to express her personal truth.

Koelle at TEDx San Diego:  The Story of Maximus

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