Equus Workshop Support Tutorials

Dear Workshop Participants: Welcome to your online support tutorials and materials. These resources have been created to assist you in gaining the maximum value from your Equus Coaching experience. The materials are arranged in topic format and are listed in a manner that we feel will best support you in integrating this information. Please try to watch the first 3 videos listed below BEFORE your Equus Coaching experience if you can make the time.  We hope you find it helpful!


Topic 1

  • Listen to the story about a horse named Maximus and discover how horses are sharing with us about our ability to create a remarkable impact on our world
  • VIDEO TEDx San Diego – The Story of Max

Topic 2

Equus WorkshopKoelle shares a Equus demonstration to help you prepare for your personal experience


*VIDEO – Round Pen Demonstration




Topic 3

Equus Workshops

It has been discovered that the human mind’s development of verbal language has become a wonderful gift that differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom but, with this development also comes the substantial suffering if it is not made conscious.

* Below you will find a video tutorial to shine some much needed light on the human verbal mind.

* Beneath the video you can find the audio only version of the lesson, should you prefer to download the audio and listen to it at another time.

*  VIDEO Segment – Human Language: The Verbal Dilemma 18 mins.

*  AUDIO Download – Human Language: The Verbal Dilemma (identical from above video) 18 min.

Topic 4

Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching

Human beings often have a rather distorted view of leadership. In this lesson we are going to discuss how nature views leadership. Nature can guide you outside of the human toggle of bribery, convincing, and/or dominating in order to create what you want to have happen. Discover what it might be like to step outside of this pendulum and experience deep clarity and self acceptance. In this natural state of leadership all things are drawn to join and synchronize with you. It is strongly recommend that you view this video below your event day. Feel free to select the links below and enjoy!

*  VIDEO Segment – What is Leadership? See it from an Equine Perspective – 21 mins.

*  AUDIO Download – What is Leadership? See it from an Equine Perspective (identical to above video) 21 mins.

Topic 5

Koelle Simpson

Our ability to create a story about any given subject matter can have a rather powerful effect on our nervous system. In this tutorial you will gain more insight into how our bodies respond to the mental constructs of language as well as some helpful tools to enable you to tune into your awareness of well being. * Beneath the video you can find the audio only version of the lesson, as well as a written exercise to help you integrate the tutorial


*  VIDEO Segment – How Language Impacts Our Nervous System – 13 min.

*  AUDIO Download – How Language Impacts Our Nervous System (identical to above video) – 13 min.

Topic 6

Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching

Learning the value of establishing healthy boundaries with others is probably one of the most important tools to learn in communication and one that is typically given the least support through traditional learning institutions. In this segment you’ll have the opportunity to watch an equine exercise that can become an extremely helpful visual metaphor when seeking to set healthy boundaries and building motivation in your relationships with others. Practicing this exercise with a horse may help you to not only clear out any hesitation you have about communicating your personal boundaries but, it can also help you to become extremely specific in creating and communicating your vision to others. * Beneath the video you can find the audio only version of the lesson, as well as a written


* VIDEO segment – Leading with Healthy Boundaries – 24 min.

* AUDIO Download – Leading with Healthy Boundaries (identical to above video) 24 min.

Topic 7

Equus Coaching Workshops

As human beings we connect with people all throughout each day. Often, we are not fully conscious of the fear and anxiety they might be carrying with them from one moment to the next. Yet, this fearful energy can pull you into a state of trying to fix things for others. Nature has taught me that developing a state of trust and true well-being in a given environment comes from fully embracing your own state of ease while holding your attention on your own business. Have a look at the video below and see if you can become aware of your ability to create an environment of authentic trust and ease.

* VIDEO Segment – Lessons on Building Trust Straight from the Horse’s Mouth – 11 min.

* AUDIO Download – Lessons on Building Trust Straight from the Horse’s Mouth (identical from above video)

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