I’ve learned more about my personal leadership in 30 minutes with a horse and Koelle’s facilitation than anything I picked up in the Ivy League, in business school or from the thousands of pages I’ve read (and written).”

– Dr. Martha Beck – Best selling author & life coach

The new normal in business

Corporate Retreat 01The business landscape of today is marked by unprecedented and constant change. Technological advances keep work and commerce in a state of perpetual transformation, while a new generation of employees, driven by different values, can be harder to attract and retain. The structures and leadership styles that served former generations of executives are obsolete.

It is a landscape that resembles the natural world’s dynamism and chaos far more than the standard factory model that has dominated our working culture since the Industrial Revolution. Business leaders are increasingly attempting to learn tools that will allow them to thrive in this wilderness. They see the high levels of stress that accompany the atmosphere of mergers, restructures, downsizing and streamlining. They understand that these grim realities sit alongside the endless demand for creativity, originality and swift results. These realities take a toll in many ways, including, of course, the bottom line.

The new business environment is marked by all the chaos and beauty of the natural world, so it’s not surprising that the leadership it calls for is shaped and informed by nature. This is likely why companies are increasingly turning to Equus Coaching® to hone the confidence, creativity and personal power of their leadership teams.

Horses are sensitive biofeedback machines honed by fifty millions years of evolution.

They teach leadership skills in a way that is as direct and palpable as possible.


You and your team will learn:

1. To build personal resilience,
2. To form trusting professional relationships, and
3. To tap into the vast reservoir of creativity inside you.

Corp4These lessons are immediately transferable to the office because they are a felt, bodily experience rather than a verbal concept or mental construct. In Equus Leadership Coaching, the horses become living, breathing, highly educational stand-ins for the humans that we encounter. Workshop participants discover that “how we do anything often turns out to be how we do everything”, and so leadership strengths and weaknesses emerge very rapidly.

Because humans are less frank and more prone to manipulation than horses, few executives ever have the opportunity to experience this kind of immediate feedback. The horses will clearly communicate to each participant exactly where they are leading effectively, and where they are not. Participants will experience through the horses exactly the kind of reaction to their leadership that they may be unaware of in human relationships.

Corp2With expert facilitation from world-class horse whisperer and life coach Koelle Simpson and her team, participants will be coached through any impediments. Upon returning to the arena they will have the experience of stepping into the “sweet spot” of integrity and authority that causes horses to follow them willingly. This experience of authentic leadership is indescribable and forges a concrete and implementable understanding of each individual’s interpersonal and leadership skills.

Koelle Simpson has fifteen years of experience sharing the power of Equus Coaching® around the globe for many well-known universities, banks, insurance, technology, and design companies as well as several Fortune 500 organizations. She holds a deep appreciation for the vision and creativity that can emerge from a dynamic team of individuals. Koelle and her team believe in creating an environment for individuals to feel safe to be fully themselves, bringing their unique skills and perspectives to the forefront to be witnessed in a new light.

No previous horse experience is necessary.

Participants will be gently and safe guided through insightful, interactive activities with horses on the ground (none of the activities involve riding)

For groups wishing to have a hands-on experience, group sizes are kept small (24 participants max.) to ensure plenty of focus on your personal journey.

For more information or to make a specific request please contact Support@KoelleInstitute.com


Past Clients:

Wells-Fargo Untitled-1 Unimed Tibotex Sherwin-Williams Scotssdale SBC Rivoli Northern-Trust Mont-Blanc Girl-Scouts GE ENOC Dell Chanel Bridgestone Bank-of-America


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For more information or to make a specific request please contact Support@KoelleInstitute.com


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