Virtual Coaching with Koelle

We’re never meant to navigate the many challenges of life, on our own.

Receive the non-judgemental support you need to help you heal and transform your life’s patterns.


As much as we might resist it, when facing life’s challenges, we all need loving support that can help us break free from our patterns so we can reconnect with our own true nature.

Our human culture seems to greatly value a fierce, independent personality as well as an ability to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps so to speak. As a result, we can feel shamed for showing anything less than a confident exterior, which so often leaves us feeling disconnected, depressed, anxious and isolated.

I believe that we’re never meant to navigate the many challenges of life, on our own. The truth is that we all need community and non-judgmental support in order to truly transform the subtle layers of shame, self-doubt and other genius coping patterns we’ve developed over the years to try to navigate the stress and dysfunction of modern life.

I’ve spent a lifetime learning how to restore a sense of trust in oneself, from Mother Nature.  My own journey in healing from childhood sexual abuse has taken me on a deep dive to understand not only the vast and complex impact that trauma can have on our lives, but alsoand more importantlyhow to genuinely reconnect from a place of well being, self empowerment as well as safe, meaningful connections with others.

If you’re seeking support on your life’s journey and would like to book a virtual coaching session with me (via video-conferencing), I’d be honored and happy to help you discover what is possible.

With gratitude,

Koelle Simpson


Pricing & Scheduling:

Scheduling 1 Session at a Time

  • Option 1: 90 Min Coaching Session w/ Koelle
    (Best option for the first-time session
    ($225 per session)
    Schedule Your Session


  • Option 2: 75 Min. Coaching Session w/ Koelle Simpson
    (Most commonly scheduled) 
    ($190 per session)
    Schedule Your Session


Schedule 5 Sessions at a time (10% Discount)

  • 75 Min Coaching Session – 10% Discount for 5
    ($171 per session)
    Contact Us to Set Up Your Session


Schedule 10 Sessions at a time (20% Discount)

  • 75 Min Coaching Session – 20% Discount for 10
    ($152 per session)
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Before Your Session:

Personal Preparation:

  • To make the most of your time with Koelle, you’ll be asked to fill out this brief questionnaire about the area of challenge or struggle you’re experiencing when booking your first session.


  • For the most effective experience, we encourage you to find a private, quiet setting where you will not be disturbed for the 75-minute duration of your coaching session. Headphones are encouraged to improve sound quality and reduce feedback for both participants.


  • We use Zoom Video Conferencing for all coaching sessions.
  • The log-in details to join your private coaching session will be emailed to you the day before your coaching session.
    • If you have not previously or recently used Zoom, you’re encouraged to test your operating system’s video-conferencing capabilities by joining Zoom’s Test Meeting before your coaching session. (Given the wide variety of options out there, we’re unable to provide technology support during these coaching sessions.)


We’re never meant to navigate the many challenges of life, on our own.

Email to book a Virtual Coaching Session with Koelle.



Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes life happens and a cancellation request made at least 48 hours before the date and time of your scheduled session is fully refundable minus a $25 administrative processing fee.  A cancellation made less than 48 hours before the date and time of your scheduled session is non-refundable. At our discretion, we may offer a one-time reschedule of your session should there be extenuating circumstances.

Should there be an unexpected technology glitch for either participant that prevents an effective phone coaching experience at the date and time of the scheduled session, the session may be rescheduled for a new date and time that work for both participants.


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