Discover Equus Coaching® for Yourself

The Equus Coaching experience is a powerful hands-on learning environment which will allow you to viscerally witness you own “energy state” in real-time. Experiences are custom-made by the coach to ensure each individual or group has the opportunity for maximum growth and transformation.

Equus Workshops for General Attendance


Equus Workshops for General Attendance

If you are curious about experiencing the magic of Equus Coaching for yourself, then come and join us at one of our workshops for general attendance to discover more about this magical process and yourself…


Corporate Retreats and Events

The new business environment is marked by all the chaos and beauty of the natural world, so it’s not surprising that the leadership it calls for is shaped and informed by nature. This is likely why companies are increasingly turning to Equus Coaching™ to hone the confidence, creativity and personal power of their leadership teams…


Find an Equus Coach®

Koelle highly recommends connecting with an Equus Coach in your area. Discover a list of coaches who have completed training through the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching®. Those listed as Master Facilitators have completed a direct apprenticeship to conduct both private client session as well as full scale workshops and events worldwide. Those listed as Equus Coaches have completed a year-long Equus Coach training for working one on one with private clients only…


Become an Equus Coach®

If you have a passion for helping individuals to lead their best lives and a passion for learning life lessons from animals, then this course may be for you. When you combine the powerful tools of life coaching with the feedback and wisdom of horses, you and your clients are in for some life-changing personal development work. Gaining the skills to offer your clients this experience can dramatically help accelerate them through their stickiest of roadblocks.

We hope you consider joining us!

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