Find Calm in the Midst of Chaos

You’re invited to reconnect with the deep wisdom inherent in nature to find genuine calm in the midst of chaos (be it personal, professional, political). We want to share the transformative benefits of Equus Coaching® at an Equus Demo Day, presented by Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching® in partnership with Master Facilitators around the world.


What is an Equus Demo Day?

  • An Equus Demo Day is a two-hour live demonstration of Equus Coaching, which will take place around the US and throughout the world during the coming year.
  • Geared for small groups, attendees will watch as a Master Facilitator demonstrates how horses can help people create a new level of awareness of how our outer world is often an unconscious reflection of our inner world and how we can consciously shift it.
  • Don’t worry! You don’t have to be working directly with the Master Facilitator in order for this event to be life-changing and meaningful. Just witnessing a live coaching demonstration, like what you’ll experience at any Equus Demo Day event, can help you become aware of old patterns that may be keeping you in a state of feeling stuck.
    The unique power of this facilitated style of personal development work is immediate, clear, unbiased feedback only a horse could provide. Horses are gentle teachers acutely aware of our internal emotional states.

Why Horses?

During times of major change, we’ve have found that learning from nature—especially horses—is a powerful tool to reconnect to our own deep truth and inner calm.  Horses are a powerful example of what is possible. They know how to be completely at home in themselves. They know how to be in harmony with a herd and the world around them. They don’t struggle with doubt, fear, or the critical inner voices we live with everyday—voices that say we’re not successful enough, smart enough, thin enough—or quite simply, that we’re not enough. Horses are wonderful teachers to help us discover how to actually cultivate genuine peace and experience a more authentic connection with each other.

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Equus Demo Day Benefits

During a two-hour live demonstration, at a location of your choice, you will:

  • Gain personal awareness of how your internal and external emotional states can create a profound ripple effect—affecting both your personal and professional relationships.
  • Observe powerful new ways to achieve life-changing insights into your own inner roadblocks with horses as your guide.
  • Connect with a Master Facilitator (perhaps, a future mentor) in your area.
  • Make new friends to share your journey to better well-being.
  • Plus, volunteer during the session and you could be coached live! Or just watch 1-2 volunteers get coached.

Who is this event for:

  • As a physician, therapist, or counselor learn how to help others navigate the chaos of immense change
  • As an executive or manager learn how to lead from a place of quiet confidence
  • As a teacher or parent learn how to communicate from a place of deep peace
  • As a partner, spouse, friend learn how to set healthy loving boundaries
  • As a team member, learn how to collaborate in a new way, sometimes without words!
  • Anyone interested in clear, immediate feedback to help you restore your sense of well-being—amidst any kind of chaos.

No previous horse experience required. No riding required. All activities take place on the ground.

Come as you are. It’s okay to be afraid of horses. If you feel pulled to attend this event, know that our event facilitators have years of experience gently and safely guiding participants at their personal level of comfort around horses.

All this for just $25! Each Equus Demo Day event is designed to make the transformative power of Equus Coaching® not only affordable—but accessible—for all. Feel free to bring your friends and family and enjoy sharing this experience together!

Please Join Us!

To get started, pick an Equus Demo Day date and location:

Los Gatos, California:

  • Friday, November 3, 2017
  • Master Facilitator Diane Hunter
  • 12:00pm – 2:00pm Pacific Time
  • Los Gatos Farms

Locations Coming Soon:

  • Sydney, Australia
  • London, Great Britain
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Flemington, New Jersey
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina
  • Park City, Utah
  • Portland, Oregon
  • And more!

Check back soon or email to be notified when new dates and locations are added or request an event near you.

Don’t wait to discover how you can find calm in the midst of life’s chaos.

Claim your spot at an Equus Demo Day for this special rate of only $25

We want you to learn first-hand how Equus Coaching® is a fast, powerful, and effective way to navigate turbulent times of upheaval (personal, professional, political). Experience profound change when horses become your primary teachers at an Equus Demo Day event.

Yes, I’m In!


What to Bring & Wear:

We will be outside in nature. Be sure to check your local weather for what to wear. If you would like to volunteer to work with the horses, it is best to dress in comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Closed-toed shoes are a must for working with the horses! Wear hiking boots or shoes you can walk in and don’t mind getting dirty as well. You might also enjoy having a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and water as you will
be outdoors much of the time. Also, consider bringing a pen/paper to jot down insights or notes.

Have a question about Equus Demo Days or Equus Coaching® in general?  Email us at We’d love to hear from you!


Meet the Equus Demo Days Master Facilitators

Erin Cutshall – Master Facilitator | Salt Lake City, UT

Erin Cutshall combines Equus Coaching with a background of 20 years of finance and leadership experience in Fortune 100 companies working both in the U.S. and internationally. She has a M.A. in Organizational Leadership and is certified by the Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. Erin believes leadership is all about authenticity and she loves helping people understand and accept who they really are. In her experience, there is no better way to do that than by spending time with a horse. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her two amazing children.


Kelly Eide – Master Facilitator | Dubai, UAE

Kelly Eide is a business coach and consultant with over 18 years experience in strategy execution and organizational development. She holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, a Black Belt in Six Sigma, PMP Certification (PMI) and she is an international award assessor for EFQM. Kelly is also a Certified Life Coach (Martha Beck) and an EQUUS Coach, using horses to help individuals and organizations develop leadership competencies.


Diane Hunter – Master Facilitator | Los Gatos, CA

Diane partners with horses to offer a unique experience that supports individuals and groups who are ready to express their full creative power and lead with clarity, resiliency and compassion. While the horses provide a gentle and powerful mirror to access your innate wisdom and true magnificence, Diane listens and playfully illuminates areas that may block you from seeing who you really are and supports your journey home to your heart. Her professional background includes a BSc in Computer Science from Cal Poly, Master Equus Facilitator through the Koelle Institute, Master Life Coach with Dr. Martha Beck, Mind-Body Coach with Mind-Body Coach University and an advanced student of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. Her passion for neuroscience and relationship patterns informs her method of coaching. To learn more about Diane, please visit her website

Kasia Roether – Master Facilitator | Atascadero, CA

Kasia Roether, originally from Poland, has been working with horses and people, in the US, for the last 15 years. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of equine behavior guided her work towards helping people through the use of horses. Kasia started her journey of healing with horses as a certified therapeutic riding instructor. Incredible sessions with all kinds of students have continuously proven that horses can profoundly improve human lives on many different levels. While deepening her equine experience, Kasia collaborated with other programs using horses for therapy and counseling, such as: EAGALA, Tao of Equus, Morning Star Youth Ranch, programs for veterans and life coaching facilitated by Koelle Simpson and Martha Beck. The joy and satisfaction that resulted from those connections naturally led her to purse life coaching facilitated by equine activities.

Living in Atascadero, CA, Kasia helps with workshops at North Star Ranch, offers individual and group life coaching, equine training sessions, and works with other coaches all over the US and the world.


Renee Sievert, RN, MFT – Master Facilitator | San Diego, CA

Renee Sievert offers individual coaching, team building and strategic planning for managers and executive teams. Certified as a Master Coach by Martha Beck and Master Equus Facilitator by Koelle Simpson, Renee combines empathy, intuition and powerful Equus exercises with coaching and leadership development. Renee is an author, speaker, and consultant with over 25 years of experience. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and a Certified Daring WayTM and Rising Strong Facilitator, trained by Brene Brown. She is also a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and the International Coaching Federation. She was honored in 2009 at the Tribute to Women in Industry (TWIN) awards in San Diego, CA.


Jennifer Voss – Master Facilitator | Knoxville, TN

As a Master Life & Equus Coach and the founder of The Truth Experience, Jennifer Voss helps others reinvent pieces of their personal and professional lives that are unhealthy or outdated. Before becoming certified as a Martha Beck Master Coach, she earned an MBA from The University of Alabama and spent 20+ years in various business ventures – ranging from owning an independent bookstore to holding an executive role within a national distribution company.  She loves blending her business background with the magic of equine coaching to help others connect with the heart and soul of their real work in the world.  Her favorite part is nailing down a vision and watching a dream come to life in a playful and healthy manner.

Jennifer believes that the most efficient and effective way to do that is to connect with nature and with others who share the same vision — with those who lift us up and make the game of business and life a fun, profitable and sustainable one to play. Jennifer lives in Knoxville, TN, has two children, two dogs, and dreams of having a horse ranch someday.

Sonya Giffin – Master Facilitator | Middleburg, VA

Sonya Giffin brings with her over 30 years of professional expertise in business strategy, sales, communication, and leadership. With an emphasis on finding and building the leader within everyone, Sonya discovered the dynamic and transformative powers of horses on human interactions. Combining the best of her practical, corporate experiences with equine leadership workshops, Sonya works with individuals, executives, and teams to bring clarity and purpose to their leadership styles.

Dixie St. John – Master Facilitator | Washington D.C.

Greetings! In addition to serving the Washington D.C. Metro area as an Equus Master Facilitator, I’m also a Certified Master Coach trained by Dr. Martha Beck and an instructor for her Life Coach Training program. My educational background is in Thanatology (Death and Dying) and I have extensive experience with grief and end-of-life support. My specialty and passion is helping my clients navigate and grow through the “in-between” following loss or transition.

My Equus work has shown me how to be profoundly present – both with myself and with my fellow human beings. Where I once looked to external circumstances to define and explain my life experience, through the mirroring feedback of horses, I’ve learned to turn inward and recognize the power that’s innately and uniquely mine. From this place, I am able to truly lead with authenticity, clarity and purpose.


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