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Koelle highly recommends connecting with an Equus Coach in your area. Below are a list of coaches who have completed training through the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching. Those listed as Master Facilitators have completed a direct apprenticeship to conduct both private client session as well as full-scale workshops and events worldwide. Those listed as Equus Coaches have completed a year-long Equus Coach training for working one on one with private clients only.

Please note that each Equus Coach has his or her own business and is in no way a representative of Koelle Simpson, LLC or the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching. They have learned the work taught by Koelle Simpson and integrated this understanding with their own personal tools, business model, and personal style of communication.

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Learn to Facilitate Life Changing Lessons with Horses

If you have a passion for helping individuals reconnect with their true nature and a love for witnessing the wisdom of animals, then you are invited to join us to facilitate rapid personal transformation that supports clients in leading their best lives.