Jennifer Peterson – Equus Coach | Bedford, NY

Jennifer Peterson – Equus Coach | Bedford, NY

Equus Coach

Jennifer enjoys empowering women who are struggling with communication by showing them how to find their authentic voice and create lasting relationships.

Women in relationships explore their energetic relationship to their partner and themselves.

Women desiring relationships explore their energetic relationship to their desires.

Entrepreneurs explore their energetic relationship to their business and their ideal customers.

Jennifer believes we can shift our energy by paying attention to how our energy shows up. By partnering with horses, clients can see tangibly how the external world responds to their internal dialogue. They are able to practice and truly feel what it’s like to shift their energy and play with new ways of being.

Jennifer is a certified Reiki Master, Martha Beck Life Coach, and Equus Coach. Jennifer spent 20 years as a senior executive helping fortune 500 companies find their ideal customers.

Location: Bedford, NY
Contact Number: 917-340-1328

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