Joy Silha – Equus Coach  |  Santa Fe, NM

Joy Silha – Equus Coach | Santa Fe, NM

Equus Coach

Joy Silha, “Inner Cowgirl” Coach, is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach, certified Equus coach, and a passionate animal-nature person!

My purpose?  To Awaken Your Inner Cowgirl!

A cowgirl is a woman who gets in touch with her true nature: her freedom, passion and talent. She is bold and adventurous, but also compassionate and connected to nature.  I have created “Awaken Your Inner Cowgirl,” a coaching practice focused on encouraging women to find their authentic voice.  I’ve owned horses for over 20 years, and have learned powerful lessons from them.  I use horses as a mirror in my “coaching with horses” specialty, offering a life-changing spiritual experience of self-discovery.

I am a coaching columnist for the Albuquerque Journal and a writer for national publications.  In a previous life, I was a marketing consultant to Ad Agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Location: Santa Fe, NM
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