Kathy Shepard – Equus Coach | Roeland Park, KS

Kathy Shepard – Equus Coach | Roeland Park, KS

Equus Coach
Combining her natural intuition and professionally trained skill, Kathy is poised to help you look at the thoughts and actions which may no longer be serving you.  In a kind, gentle manner, Kathy draws on her knowledge of the body and intuition to create a safe haven for individuals to openly explore how their thought patterns may be holding them back,  having traveled the path herself she considers it an honor and a privilege to provide support for others who are on the path of healing and self-discovery.
In addition to her Equus Life Coach certification, Kathy is a Board Certified Massage Therapist, helping others achieve more presence in – and awareness of – their body.
Location: Roeland Park, KS
Contact Number: 913 707-7097
Email: Kathy@knhcoaching.com

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