Marisa Striano – Equus Coach | Riverhead, NY

Marisa Striano – Equus Coach | Riverhead, NY

Equus Coach

Marisa Striano was born on Long Island, the oldest of three daughters. She began riding horses at the age of eight. Marisa graduated from St. Mary’s High School in Manhasset and from Stonehill College in Massachusetts with a degree in psychology. She worked as a special education teacher, as a project manager for a construction company, and in the garment industry before opening her own clothing store in Chappaqua. Her love of animals led her back to founding Spirit’s Promise Equine Rescue in 2010. The farm is at 2746 Sound Avenue in Riverhead, New York, on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island.

Marisa’s vision to help both horses and people led her to become certified in EAGALA.  In addition, she has completed her certification as an Equus Life Coach through the Koelle Institute. Marisa is also a certified grief counselor. The programs she has created at Spirit’s Promise have helped countless people to deal with trauma and grief. Marisa specializes in work with teenagers. She has created a haven for people to find peace and comfort while appreciating the beauty of nature.

Location: Riverhead, NY
Contact Number: 631-875-0433

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