Rebekah Powell – Equus Coach | Los Angeles, CA and Santa Ynez, CA

Rebekah Powell – Equus Coach | Los Angeles, CA and Santa Ynez, CA

Equus Coach

Rebekah coaches individuals and couples seeking clarity, support, growth, and a deeper connection to themselves. Prior to becoming a coach, she worked in corporate business development and was a full-time songwriter. For years, she facilitated self-expression with artists and co-hosted an interactive keynote on the art of collaboration in quarterly team building workshops for a Fortune 100 company.

As a songwriter, she has experienced just how powerful storytelling is, and how the stories we tell about ourselves and others shape our experience of life. She is passionate about helping clients examine and re-write their stories.

Though she readily offers tools and guidance to clients, she also believes each individual is his/her own best teacher. Her goal as a coach is to be a channel of love and service, creating a safe space for clients to come home to themselves.


Location: Los Angeles, CA and Santa Ynez, CA
Contact Number: 415-915-5126

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