Steven Ciarametaro – Equus Coach | Woodside & San Francisco, CA

Steven Ciarametaro – Equus Coach | Woodside & San Francisco, CA

Equus Coach

My journey into the world of Equus Coaching began when Koelle Simpson visited my boarding and training facility. I observed Koelle’s interaction with the horses and her clients and was immediately intrigued by the insight her clients gained. Equus Coach training profoundly changed my relationship with horses from my days as a dressage rider; it gave me a new path for connecting people with themselves, the natural world and the sometimes hidden insight and gifts it provides.

My practice invites clients to rediscover their connection to themselves, enabled by the horse’s instinctive behaviour in beautiful surroundings, apart from the mayhem of modern life. Equus Coaching can help individuals and groups work through the stressors and barriers that prevent them from being happy, productive and confident.

Location: Woodside, CA & San Francisco, CA
Contact Number: 650 529 9817

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