Wolfgang Skrobanek – Equus Coach | Germany

Wolfgang Skrobanek – Equus Coach | Germany

Equus Coach

I have felt all my life that something is missing. I studied economics and sports, was always self-employed in the field of real estate and later renewable energy. I visited and developed large wind farms, got to know the key figures in the industry, and built quite a nice life for myself and my family. Even with all of the outward success, inwardly I felt something was missing. 

Three years ago, I participated in a horse-assisted workshop in the US. I was fearful of horses so I’m not sure I can explain what drove me to register for this workshop. What the stallion in the arena showed me during my round pen session changed my life. I decided to immerse myself in this new world and now three years later am a certified Equine Coach in Germany and the USA as well as the proud owner of three wild American Mustangs who serves as my guides for continued learning, wisdom and inspiration.  It is my desire to share this experience.

My life has become better and more fulfilling through the process of partnering with horses and above all I live MY LIFE. I would be happy to share this with you so that you too can begin living YOUR LIFE.

Location: Germany
Contact Number: +49 (0)173 87 27 094
Email: ws@wayacademy.de

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