Continuing Education Programs

The Language of Equus

A Continuing Education Horsemanship Class

With Koelle Simpson & Kasia Roether

October 12 – 14, 2017 | Naciemento Ranch, Paso Robles, CA

Go beyond the basics: Discover how you can take your Equus communication and horsemanship skills to the next level.  Immerse yourself in a profound, emotional connection with nature. Hone your ability to work seamlessly alongside horses so that you can better serve your clients’ needs.

This October, you’re invited to further your skills and understanding of the language of Equus— the non-verbal energetic language of horses—while working directly with Koelle Institute Founder Koelle Simpson and Master Facilitator Kasia Roether.

This intimate 3-day Continuing Education course is limited to 18 participants and builds on the basic mechanics you learned during your Equus Coach Training.

Registration for this program is closed. Please watch this space for additional continuing education opportunities.


Mentorship Opportunities

There are Two Types of Mentorship Services for Your Continued Learning Support

Equus students in training are welcome to inquire about connecting with a certified Master Facilitator to receive one-on-one mentorship.  There are a variety of private mentorship services to help you gain clarity and confidence.  Feel free to explore the possibilities below.

Student are also welcome and highly encouraged to attend a Practicum Review & Gathering event.  These practicum events are typically scheduled once or twice per year.  These are designed to support your skills development, to offer you valuable detailed feedback on your Equus Coaching, and to create a place for the herd to come together and spend quality time in community with one another.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Private Mentorship Requests

 – For Equus Coaches & Equus Coach Master Facilitators in Training – 

mentorship1As a student in training, you have the opportunity to request additional mentorship from any Master Facilitator (depending on his/her availability).  We would be happy to recommend a mentor to you based on your specific need, location, whether it is on-site support, video review, coaching and/or any other mentorship need.  You can also make a request for a specific Master Facilitator from who you would like to receive mentorship.

If you wish to request mentorship, please contact the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching directly at and let us know which mentorship service you are interested in.

After pairing you with a Master Facilitator and the specific mentorship service has been agreed upon, the Koelle Institute will pass all communication (other than invoicing) to you and your mentor.  All further scheduling regarding your dates and specific logistics will be between you and your mentor.

Private Mentorship Opportunities 

  • Receive mentorship and/or coaching remotely via phone,
  • Submit videos and receive feedback on your Equus Coaching and/or horsemanship skills,
  • Work in person to improve your skills,
  • Have a Master Facilitator shadow your Equus Coaching sessions in person and give you live feedback,
  • Invest in a private Equus Coaching session for yourself,
  • Hire a facilitator to help support a workshop or group you want to host, and/or
  • Ask for specific mentorship support that you need and we can design something for you.If you have any questions, or to receive pricing and set up a mentorship session please email us at




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