Hello fellow Equus Coaches!

Are you starting to feel a pull to expand your skill set and experience as an Equus Coach?  Do you want to learn the art of conducting group workshop events? Are you keen to witness the impact of Equus Coaching with a larger number of people?

It’s a big next step, but if your body compass is guiding you to grow your skill set, we would like to support you on that journey!


Having spent nearly a life-time developing the tools, Koelle has experience in creating transformative workshops for groups that range from tailored company leadership retreats, to personal development events, and relationship workshops. Koelle will be working with each of you directly throughout your apprenticeship to ensure that you develop a high level of confidence and mastery of your skill set that is necessary to create a truly successful business.

The Equus Coach Master Facilitator training is an invitation only, apprenticeship style program.  It runs once a year and is limited to a small handful of selected students.


2017 Master Facilitator Apprenticeship Overview

MC02Learning to develop your own mastery of facilitating unique and profound group experiences is no small task!

You will be supported in cultivating your ability to:

  • Manage the various levels of priority between the overall workshop environment, a variety of horses, and a wide variety of client needs.
  • Work within a limited time frame to genuinely connect with each client during a group event and support the clients in witnessing the feedback they are receiving from the horses.
  • Understand the hidden messages presented by challenging client sessions in a group environment, while creating a safe container for everyone to find a place of connection to the sessions.
  • Support and shape an environment of empowerment for each of the individuals as well as the collective group.
  • Recognize the common patterns that arise within relationships between colleagues, friends, couples, as well as parents and children.
  • Learn key access tools that will help you dissolve the dis-harmonic communication and support the clients in building their relationships from a new foundation.
  • Communicate with clients, equine venues, and fellow horse owners in a manner that builds a synergistic partnership and, in turn, supports the vision you hold for the success of your business.
  • Improve your overall horsemanship skills and depth of experience to enable you to manage a wide variety of equine behaviors.


Outline of the Master Facilitator Training

MC01The year-long training will consist of:

  • 19 Tele-Class gatherings (meeting by phone or video conference)
    • Class 1: Overview and Introduction Class
    • Class 2: How workshop events differ from one-on-one private coaching & the types of exercises that fit within workshop groups
    • Class 3: Learning to find or create the right facility for workshop events
    • Class 4: How to develop your client base
    • Class 5: The order of importance and safety throughout a workshop
    • Class 6: Overseeing many different horses at once
    • Class 7: The time constraints of running workshop events and the art of tying a session together
    • Class 8: How to deal with approval seeking from clients
    • Class 9: Things to consider when working with couples, parents, teenagers & young children, and company groups, as well as addressing difficult or resistant clients, social pressures, and the impact of a crowd
    • Class 10: Onsite #2 – Preparing to work with mustangs
    • Class 11- 18: Eight individual video review calls to receive feedback and coaching around your client sessions
    • Class 19: Final class wrap up.

Two In Person On-Site Gatherings

  • March 30th – April 2nd, 2017 at Apache Springs Ranch
    • This on-site will focus on the development of your horsemanship skills, working with challenging horses, and developing your skill set for coaching clients in a workshop environment.
  • Sept. 7th – 10th, 2017 at Apache Springs Ranch
    • You will be working with un-touched mustangs during this on-site. Koelle will be facilitating your mustang experience and taking you on a deep dive into the awareness of your own internal patterns and fears. In addition to supporting the development of your horsemanship awareness, intuition, and overall timing, we will help you dissolve the internal road blocks that might limit your journey as a successful master facilitator for your groups.
  • You Will Have A Requirement to Volunteer for 7 Workshops or Events (this can be spread over a period of 2 years)
    • You will be asked to come and shadow group workshops, the Equus Coach Training On-sites, as well as Equus Coaching Practicums. During these events, you will be helping with workshop logistics and shadowing the Equus Coaching sessions.
    • You will also be asked to coach clients during the events. You will receive feedback on your Equus Coaching in a workshop setting at the conclusion of each workshop event.
    • Attending these events is an important part of your learning process.  It will provide you with the volume of experience and the feedback support to feel confident in your ability to hold group workshops.

This program is not for the faint of heart!

Your year will be full! It requires a significant time commitment, a fair amount of travel, and a willingness to join the adventure of long energetic days spent outside enjoying clients and horses.

It’s profoundly rewarding work.

If this feels like a hot track to your body compass, please e-mail Support@KoelleInstitute.com to receive an application.

Minimum Requirements
Application Process and Fee Schedule
What You Receive
Meet the Facilitators

Master Facilitator Apprenticeship

Please e-mail Support@KoelleInstitute.com if you have any questions.


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