Sydney is a trainer, Equus coach, and former competitive show rider. ​She works in Nicasio, CA, where she exercises horses, teaches lessons, works with horses that have been severely traumatized or given up on, and facilitates Equus coaching. She believes in deepening the communication between horse and rider, and that horses speak a unique language […]

My lifelong passion for animals and helping people led me to the Koelle Institute.  When I learned that such a place existed; where humans can interact with horses while receiving profound reflections of themselves, I was all in! My coaching skills, along with a certification in grief support, intuitive abilities and my own lifelong learnings […]

Frida’s lifelong love of horses and her desire to help people to discover their authentic selves led her to become a certified Equus Coach. Born and raised in Sweden, with a successful career in television, Frida left it all behind to start anew in the United States. The experience of starting over brought into focus […]

For most of her life, Lynne has been a teacher mentor and guide. She has been an educator of children in the Montessori system and of adults in personal and intuitive development for over 30 years. Lynne works out of a deep understanding that we learn best while moving and when our senses are engaged.  […]

Hello dear person interested in Equus Coaching. Learning this craft has been a most profound experience for me and I am beyond grateful to share it with others.  I am the mother of two amazing sons who challenge me every day to, as Ghandi said, “be the change that I wish to see in the […]

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