My journey into the world of Equus Coaching began when Koelle Simpson visited my boarding and training facility. I observed Koelle’s interaction with the horses and her clients and was immediately intrigued by the insight her clients gained. Equus Coach training profoundly changed my relationship with horses from my days as a dressage rider; it […]

I’m Garet Bedrosian and I have been on a mission my entire life: to understand myself and the world around us through the relationships people form with one another and the ways we come to know ourselves. As a psychotherapist for 34 years I strive to mend all relationships – those with the self, romantic […]

Beginning with her childhood horses (Penny, Bonnie, Misty Belle and Agness), Christina’s life has been inspired by horses. Her relationship with horses has evolved into a deep respect for the animal and an innate understanding of the value of the horse-human connection. For two decades, she has led and developed global teams in the business […]

Sydney is a trainer, Equus coach, and former competitive show rider. ​She works in Nicasio, CA, where she exercises horses, teaches lessons, works with horses that have been severely traumatized or given up on, and facilitates Equus coaching. She believes in deepening the communication between horse and rider, and that horses speak a unique language […]

My lifelong passion for animals and helping people led me to the Koelle Institute.  When I learned that such a place existed; where humans can interact with horses while receiving profound reflections of themselves, I was all in! My coaching skills, along with a certification in grief support, intuitive abilities and my own lifelong learnings […]

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