Hello dear person interested in Equus Coaching. Learning this craft has been a most profound experience for me and I am beyond grateful to share it with others.  I am the mother of two amazing sons who challenge me every day to, as Ghandi said, “be the change that I wish to see in the […]

Equus Coaching combines Nina’s lifelong love of horses and helping people. Nina, who has her Ph.D. in Psychology, has years of experience as a psychologist and an executive coach. In her Equus Coaching, Nina partners with the horse, interpreting how the horse is mirroring the patterns and energy of the client. She insightfully helps both […]

Rebekah coaches individuals and couples seeking clarity, support, growth, and a deeper connection to themselves. Prior to becoming a coach, she worked in corporate business development and was a full-time songwriter. For years, she facilitated self-expression with artists and co-hosted an interactive keynote on the art of collaboration in quarterly team building workshops for a Fortune 100 […]

Lori helps people shift from head-driven solutions to ones that incorporate the intelligence of the body, emotions, and life itself. The heart of her work lies in cultivating people’s ability to develop insight as they strengthen awareness in their bodies. It is from this visceral vantage point that they are able to “see” themselves clearly, becoming […]

I came to the Koelle institute very curious: was there another way to be with horses besides training them? Born and raised in Germany on a large Horse farm, for me, horses have always been easy to talk to.  It was the human animal that I had difficulties connecting with. My 1st two day workshop […]

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