In partnership with the horse, Beth guides you to explore your strengths and discover your unique path for growth and opportunity. Playfully engaging with the horse, you will uncover hidden behavior patterns, increase self-awareness and see pathways to step into who you truly are and how you authentically want to live and work. Equus sessions […]

Christine has lived and worked globally, as an executive and entrepreneur for most of her career. She has worked within diverse, multicultural environments, with government entities, international institutions and corporations, small businesses and community-based organizations. As a leadership advisor and educator focused on inclusivity, and the interpersonal, cultural dynamics, within teams and organizations, one of her […]

Kasia Roether, originally from Poland, has been working with horses and people, in the US, for the last 15 years. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of equine behavior guided her work towards helping people through the use of horses. Kasia started her journey of healing with horses as a certified therapeutic riding instructor. Incredible sessions […]

Lisa guides people and organizations to experience their essential nature and to be better equipped to handle change, relationships, the past and the future. And most of all, to come to know the present moment. What we need in these volatile times are people who remember their essential nature, who are willing to nurture their […]

Renee Sievert offers individual coaching, team building and strategic planning for managers and executive teams. Certified as a Master Coach by Martha Beck and Master Equus Facilitator by Koelle Simpson, Renee combines empathy, intuition and powerful Equus exercises with coaching and leadership development. Renee is an author, speaker, and consultant with over 25 years of experience. She […]

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