Everything about the human being, life and this connection with nature fascinates me. An animal lover since my childhood, I felt this particular link with horses and more particularly this inter-species communication. My first experience with Equus Coaching (2 day workshop with Koelle) in 2017 was a revelation. This new life direction is enabling me to […]

An Equus coach, Catalyst life-coach, motivational speaker and former lawyer. A horsewoman for over 25 years, Kat combines her two greatest passions in life transforming experiences. Having left an intense corporate environment, Kat reflected on the common themes found in the corporate world and the impact these have on the people within. Kat was inspired to extend […]

I have felt all my life that something is missing. I studied economics and sports, was always self-employed in the field of real estate and later renewable energy. I visited and developed large wind farms, got to know the key figures in the industry, and built quite a nice life for myself and my family. Even with all […]

TJ  is inspired to create and hold space for all things healing, and is the co-owner of Apache Springs Ranch (hosting venue and retreat center) in Sonoita, Arizona. Her passion lies in working with couples, and helping them develop full respect living. This fall she begins expanding her practice to include Post Traumatic Growth with […]

Willow Vetch is a specialist equine professional, life coach, intuitive consultant and bio-resonance therapist. She works with a wide range of clients, all over the world, including those at Olympic level, multiple Royal Families in the Middle East, individual horse owners and pleasure riders. Willow also enjoys her work with people who have no background […]

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