Marisa Striano was born on Long Island, the oldest of three daughters. She began riding horses at the age of eight. Marisa graduated from St. Mary’s High School in Manhasset and from Stonehill College in Massachusetts with a degree in psychology. She worked as a special education teacher, as a project manager for a construction company, […]

Laura has a long history in the world of horses having been around horses since adolescence. She is in her zone when she can be part of this amazing way to bring horse’s wisdom to others. Her intuitive style supports the horse’s feedback to her clients, allowing emotional awareness and healing insights to flow.  Life […]

Jennifer enjoys empowering women who are struggling with communication by showing them how to find their authentic voice and create lasting relationships. Women in relationships explore their energetic relationship to their partner and themselves. Women desiring relationships explore their energetic relationship to their desires. Entrepreneurs explore their energetic relationship to their business and their ideal customers. Jennifer believes we can shift our […]

Diane is a Life Coach with a passion for connecting horses with people. She believes the relationships formed with authenticity yields healing energy for all in a very unique and powerful way. She provides a safe, nurturing space in which her clients move through playful and sometimes challenging exercises to open their hearts to more realization […]

Creating and holding a safe space for others to uncover what really matters to them, and then being there as they get curious and explore what’s possible, is the foundation of my coaching practice. A sales and marketing professional for over 20 years, I get “real” life and the responsibilities that often cause us to […]

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