1. Dana says:

    I can attest to this wholeheartedly having moved from NJ to NM. After 26 years of a very stressful commute to NYC and long, long days with high demands, my body, mind and spirit were screaming for an outlet. I sold mostly all of my material possessions and left a crazy pace of life, people who felt so familiar yet I knew weren’t my true “herd” and came to a place sight unseen and took a leap of faith. I am now enrolled in your equus life coaching program and the more I allow myself rest, space and time with horses (my sanctuary), the more at peace I become. This work is magnificent. Thank you.

  2. Paul Hardy says:

    Wonderful piece, Koelle, and the beautiful image of you sitting next to the horse is so full of rest energy. Thank you for this gift. Paul

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