We’re finally coming to the end of 2020 and it’s been a truly epic year of challenging and life-changing events. As we turn our attention to the holiday season and begin to reconnect with family this too can feel like you’re facing a field of emotional landmines. Given our current political environment and the immense polarization of passionate […]

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In this October newsletter vlog, Koelle shares her gratitude for everyone’s generous support and encouragement during her recent cochlear implant surgery. She speaks to the sense of awe for how truly resilient our minds and bodies can be when facing an enormous level of change. Koelle shares the list of books, documentaries, and podcasts that […]

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Many of you who have followed my work, attended retreats, and/or have received coaching support over the last fourteen years know about my hearing challenges. I lost the majority of my hearing at two years old to Spinal Meningitis. Although the journey has been filled with plenty of challenges, my hearing loss was a driving […]

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With all the adversity we have been facing in the midst of this 2020 global pandemic, it’s time to become curious about what we need for meaningful, nourishing connections with one another. In this new video, Koelle Simpson shares her what she’s learning, along with her clients, during this time as well as an invitation […]

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Koelle shares a story from a recent retreat in February to Baja, CA. She is reminded by a grandmother gray whale just how capable we are of meeting the difficult moments of life and, ultimately, embracing our resilient nature. Watch this video:

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