Continuing Education Programs

Mustang Training: Lessons with the Masters

A Continuing Education Retreat for Equus Coaching Master Facilitators

Join Kasia Roether and Koelle Simpson for a four-day workshop to learn directly from the wild Mustangs, themselves. Heighten your intuitive skills, uncover places within where you hold back from connection and whydissolve your attachments to a particular outcome and so much more. You must be either currently enrolled in or have already completed your certification for the Master Facilitators Training to attend.

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What You Need to Know About Equus Coaching & Trauma

A Continuing Education Telecourse

As an Equus Coach—if you are not a licensed therapist or a trained trauma specialist—what do you do if your client becomes triggered or begins processing past trauma during an Equus Coaching session? Instructors Koelle Simpson, and Renee Sievert, RN, MFT, are teaming up on this new telecourse to help you better understand the differences between Equus Coaching and traditional forms of talk therapy so you can minimize the possibility of re-triggering or re-traumatizing your clients, stay within the scope of your training and expertise, be able to recognize when you’re client might be in need of support from a trained trauma specialist and more. Learn more and listen to this telecourse.>

Understanding Trauma

A Continuing Education 3-Part Telecourse

In this pre-recorded 3-part teleseries, with instructors Koelle Simpson, Institute founder, and Renee Sievert, RN, MFT, you will learn how trauma patterns can affect mentally and emotionally healthy clients and how to best support yourself and your client when these patterns arise. Gain tools and insights that Equus Coaches can use to create safe and transformational experiences for clients.

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Horsemanship Telecourse

A Continuing Education 3-Part Telecourse for Equus Coaches

Let’s talk about horsemanship, shall we? In this pre-recorded 3-part teleseries, instructors Koelle Simpson and Kasia Roether teamed up to share their many years of collective horsemanship experience to help you further your knowledge and offer you support.  This teleclass series covers a variety of topics and provides important insights that Equus Coaches can utilize immediately to create a safe and transformational experience for your clients.

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