Mustang Training: Lessons with the Masters

A Continuing Education Retreat for Equus Coaching Master Facilitators

With Koelle Simpson & Kasia Roether

 October 19th – 23rd, 2021 | 5 Day Intensive Retreat | Paso Robles, CA


Registration is now open to all Equus Coaching Master Facilitators
and all actively enrolled in Master Facilitator Training!


Please email us at if you have questions.

Dear Equus Coaching Herd,

There is nothing quite like learning to gentle a wild Mustang.

I can still recall the very first time I worked with an untouched Mustang. The experience was exhilarating and the lessons that were offered to me were nothing short of life-changing. The insights that were mirrored back to me left me in a state of awe for just how subtle, vibrant and truly intelligent the non-verbal language of energy can be.

In order to form a trusting relationship that could transcend species, I felt as though I was entering a master class for understanding the intricate connection between our vulnerability and the universal language of energy.  

I still use the insights and awareness I gained from my wild, four-legged Mustang teacher almost every day. It’s for this reason that I’d like to offer you an opportunity to learn directly from these masterful teachers.

This is an experience that’s almost impossible to describe to you in wordsyet it’s likely to be one you’ll never forget.

During this retreat, a few of the opportunities you will work through are:

  • Uncovering the places within where you hold back from connection and why
  • Learning to dissolve your attachments to a particular outcome
  • Discovering how a deep state of presence in the body will enable you to translate the information in your environment clearly
  • Learning to read the nonverbal language of energy and feeling
  • Heightening your intuitive skills
  • Improving your ability to track the subtle levels of information that are exchanged in every moment

If you feel ready to further your education and you’re either currently enrolled in or have already completed your certification for the Master Facilitators Training, I invite you to join Kasia Roether and me for this four-day workshop to learn directly from the wild Mustangs, themselves.

With gratitude,

Koelle Simpson


**Listen to Koelle share more about this unique experience and answer questions about this year’s Mustang Training. Download Call Audio.**

Registration & Pricing:

Workshop Pricing:

  • $3,800

What’s included:

  • Five days of training from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Lunch, drinks & snacks for all five days

What’s not included:

  • Travel, lodging or transportation
  • Breakfast or dinner

Minimum Requirement:

  • You must either be actively enrolled in Master Facilitator Training, previous attending your ECMF training or have already completed your certification as an Equus Coach Master Facilitator.


Please do not make travel arrangements until we confirm we have met the minimum number of participants. 

Registration is now open!

If you feel ready to further your education and you’re either currently enrolled in or have already completed your certification for the Master Facilitators Training, you’re invited to join Kasia Roether and Koelle Simpson for this five-day workshop to learn directly from the wild Mustangs, themselves.

Spaces are limited to just eight people to ensure the most meaningful instruction and maintain safety.


If you have any questions, please email us at


Cancellation Policy

Due to the costly, non-refundable nature of reserving venues for various events, and the limited spaces available in workshops and retreats, a cancellation made 60 days or less from the dates of an event is non-refundable. Fifty percent of the event fee will be refunded for a cancellation made between 90 to 61 days prior to a scheduled event. Any cancellation made 91 days prior to a scheduled event is fully refundable minus an administrative processing fee.

Please note that should an issue or challenge arise due to Covid-19 (either with travel restrictions or health matter) we will make every effort to apply your payment as a credit to a future retreat program

About Your Teachers

Koelle Simpson has been on a lifelong journey of integrating her own sexual abuse trauma.  Through her work with horses, she has been able to decipher the specific ways in which they have helped her rebuild trust in herself and thus learn to form healthy long-term relationships with others. While the road has been long and somewhat circuitous, Koelle’s deep desire to remain curious and open to learning has allowed her to witnessed the various ways that trauma impacted her internal dialogue, physical health, emotional states, and relationship patterns. Her passion for sharing this journey of healing and integration with clients and fellow students has been the foundation and birthplace of the Equus Coaching model.

Kasia Roether’s lifetime dream has been to create an environment in which people can experience a horse’s power for healing, growth, and connection. As an Equus Coach Master Facilitator, Kasia brings to the Institute her extensive knowledge and experience from seventeen years of training horses and teaching people about their behavior, nature, and ways of communication. As a coach and catalyst, Kasia helps students and clients to connect with Nature’s wisdom and learn from it through a horse’s presence, sense of reality, the identity of wholeness, and self-care. Kasia is an instructor for both the Equus Coach Training and Master Facilitator Apprenticeship program. She offers mentorship to all students-in-training and members of the Equus Coaching Herd.



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