Hello Fellow Equus Coaches

Our Master Facilitator Training Program is Now Enrolling for Fall 2021!

Now, when you register early, you will receive a $500 discount on your tuition fee!

Are you starting to feel a pull to expand your skill set and experience as an Equus Coach?
Do you want to learn the art of conducting group workshop events? Are you keen to witness the impact of Equus Coaching with a larger number of people?

If your body compass is guiding you to grow your skill set, we would like to support you on that journey!

Spaces are limited. Register by October 8th, 2021.


It might seem like an easy next step in the growth of your business to start running group workshops, yet once you take the leap you can quickly find yourself utterly overwhelmed with all sorts of unexpected challenges. We’re excited to offer you the Master Facilitator Training to help give you a big “leg up” in facilitation skills, experience, and the overall confidence needed when it comes to running group workshops. Let us provide you with all the practical tools and insights you’ll need to grow into the next chapter of your business.   

We know first hand what it’s like to embark on the precarious adventure of growing your own business, developing your client base, working with a wide variety of client issues, and learning the ropes for how to successfully deliver a group event.

If you are ready to embark on the next chapter of your business, we invite you to join us for the training.  


Master Facilitator Training Overview

We’re here to help you cultivate your ability to:

  • Work within a limited time frame to spotlight the core issues and cultivate genuine empathy while supporting a client’s ability to witness the feedback they are receiving from the horses
  • Manage the various levels of priority, including the overall workshop environment, an individual client needs, the needs of the horses, and the needs of the facility
  • Understand the hidden messages presented by challenging client sessions in a group environment, while creating a safe container for everyone to find a place of connection to the sessions.
  • Support and shape an environment of self-empowerment for each of the individuals as well as the collective group
  • Recognize the common patterns that arise within relationships between colleagues, friends, couples, parents, and children
  • Learn key access tools that will help you dissolve dis-harmonic communication and support clients in building their relationships from a new foundation
  • Communicate with clients, equine venues, and fellow horse owners in a manner that builds a synergistic partnership and, in turn, supports the vision you hold for the success of your business
  • Improve your overall horsemanship skills and depth of experience to enable you to feel confident in your ability to manage a wide variety of equine behaviors.


Outline of the Master Facilitator Training


Your Two Year Master Facilitator Training will consist of:

  • 27 – Teleclasses spread throughout the first year
  • 2 – Homework assignments
  • 1 – Four day onsite training
  • 4 – Workshop events to shadow
  • 1 – Personal workshop mentorship event

27 Teleclass Gatherings

These will be 60 to 90 minute video conference calls scheduled on Wednesdays 12 pm PT/ 3 pm ET. We will gather to review content and offer live coaching and feedback.

Teleclasses will start Oct. 13th, 2021 and run thru Sept. 14th, 2022. A complete outline of the specific call dates will be given once you enroll.

  • Class 1: Welcome & How Workshops Differ from 1-on-1
  • Class 2: The flow of a short session, timing in a workshop setting
  • Class 3: Tool Review
  • Class 4 & 5: Coach the Coach
  • Class 6: Group dynamics/team dynamics and how to reflect it back
  • Class 7: Onsite Prep
  • Class 8: Marketing Part 1 – Ideal Career Vision as a Master Facilitator
  • Class 9: Overseeing safety
  • Class 10: Phase one of workshop planning with a group
  • Class 11: Phase two of workshop planning with a corporate group
  • Class 12: Attending to the individual in front of the group
  • Class 13: Trauma, shame and mental health issues in a workshop
  • Class 14: Processing with the whole group in a workshop
  • Class 15: Event logistics and planning (facility, budgeting, etc.)
  • Classes 16 thru 19: Brainstorming your workshop design
  • Class 20: Marketing Part Two (filling up your workshops)
  • Class 21: Additional Team Activities – Being Creative and Being Ready
  • Class 22 thru 26: Video review of coaching a client
  • Class 27: Wrap Up


In-Person Gatherings

4-Day Onsite 1 December 9th-12th, 2021 at Featherheart Ranch in Ramona, CA.

  • The first 2 days of your onsite training will focus on further developing your horsemanship skills and confidence.
  • During the remaining 2 days of your onsite training, we will bring in volunteer clients to help you focus on developing your Equus Coaching skills in a workshop environment.

Shadowing 4 Workshops or Events

  • In order to help you really learn the ropes first hand so to speak, you will be asked to shadow four group workshops. During these events, you will be helping with workshop logistics and shadowing the participants Equus Coaching sessions.
  • Keep in mind that these events are usually spread over a 2 year time period to help you manage your travel budget and give you time to integrate your learning.
  • You can choose to shadow Equus Coaching Course onsites, general workshop, and/or corporate retreats facilitated by any of the institute teaching instructors, as well as the option to shadow 1 mentorship workshop of a fellow classmate.
  • During these events you may be asked to coach clients. You will receive feedback on your Equus Coaching in a workshop setting at the conclusion of each workshop event.
  • Attending these events is an important part of your learning process. It will provide you with the volume of experience and supportive feedback to feel confident in your ability to hold group workshops.

1 Mentorship Workshop Event

In order to most effectively help prepare you for running workshop events on your own, a part of your training requirement will be to organize and facilitate a 1 or 2 day workshop event in your home town or chosen location. Each of the teleclasses, onsite training and shadowing events are all specifically designed to help prepare you for designing and running your own successful workshop.  

When you feel ready to test out your skills, we’ll work with you to help you decide on a workshop topic and pair you with a teaching instructor who will help to mentor you throughout your event. Your mentor will travel to your location and be available to help with general questions, review your workshop schedule, offer active facilitation where needed and give supportive feedback at the conclusion.

Workshop Requirements:

  • You’ll need a minimum of 6 paid participants
  • We recommend keeping your group small on this first event (6 to 8)
  • You’ll set your own workshop price in order to cover your costs
  • You can choose to design a 1 or 2 day workshop format
  • You’ll choose a teaching instructor to support you
  • The mentor will offer you live support, guidance, and feedback for your workshop
  • The cost of your mentor’s travel and time is included in your training tuition
    • Note: if the mentor’s travel is international, extra costs may need to be factored in


Master Facilitator Training is not for the faint of heart!

Your two years will be full. This training requires a significant time commitment, a fair amount of travel, and
a willingness to join the adventure of long energetic days spent outside enjoying clients and horses.

It’s profoundly rewarding work.

Have a question? Email us at support@koelleinstitute.com.


Not yet certifiedbut ready to enroll in Master Facilitator Training?
We have some creative options to help support you in getting certified in these times.
Chat one-on-one with Erin Cutshall to discuss a plan personalized for where you’re at in your practice.


Recently Certified Master Facilitator Shares Her Training Journey

Wherever you are in your decision process (and Equus Coaching practice), we want to make sure you have all the information and support you need to make the decision that’s best for you.

Recently, Koelle interviewed a special guest, Master Facilitator Jennifer Tucker Visitacion, MBA, about her recent Master Facilitator Training journey and where it’s taking her now. Hear her story and answers to questions about this profoundly rewarding program.  Download this call recording.

Have a question that wasn’t answered on this call? Email us anytime at support@koelleinstitute.com.

We’d love to hear from you!


Minimum Requirements


Requirements to Be Eligible

  • You have completed the Equus Coach Training and become certified as an Equus Coach.
  • You can demonstrate that you have been conducting successful and effective one-on-one private sessions with your clients. We recommend about 40 hours of private Equus Coaching experience.
  • You have shown a strong interest and desire to further develop your skill and knowledge base for running group workshop events.

Not yet certifiedbut ready to enroll in Master Facilitator Training?
We have some creative options to help support you in getting certified in these times.
Chat one-on-one with Erin Cutshall to discuss a plan personalized for where you’re at in your practice.

Fee Schedule

Course Fee

  • The cost of the Equus Coaching Master Facilitator Training is $7,500 and includes
      • All Teleclasses,
      • Your 4-Day Onsite Training,
      • The costs for your teaching mentor to travel to your location and support you during your local workshop.
  • Please see the payment plan options below.
  • Note: you will also be responsible for covering your travel and lodging costs to shadow the 4 workshops.

Spaces are limited. 


Payment Plans

The deadline to register is October 8th, 2021. Spaces are limited thus we strongly recommend putting down a deposit.

Upon registering for the Master Facilitator Training, you may select a payment plan or you may hold your spot with a nonrefundable $750 deposit. If you place a deposit, you will be asked to select one of the following payment plans by September 30th, 2021.

The Koelle Institute offers payment options to help support you in your investment.

Your payment options include:

  • Pay-in-Full: $7,500 upon registering for Equus Coach Training, we will apply your deposit fee and/or early bird discount where applicable.


  • 5-pay Payment Plan: Make five (5) equal payments of $1,500 each over 5 months
      • The first payment of $1,500 is due upon registering for Equus Coach Training,
      • with four (4) additional payments of $1,500 paid over the next four months,
      • Adjustments will be made to your monthly amount to apply any deposit fee and/or early bird discount where applicable. 


  • NEW! 12-pay Payment Plan: Make twelve (12) equal payments of $625 each over 12 months
      • The first payment of $625 is due upon registering for Equus Coach Training,
      • with eleven (11) additional payments of $625 paid over the next 12 months,
      • Adjustments will be made to your monthly amount to apply any deposit fee and/or early bird discount where applicable.


Cancellation Policy:

  • For cancellations made 60 days prior to the published start date of our Master Facilitator Training, the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching will offer a full refund.
  • For cancellations made between 59 to 31 days from the start of your program, we offer a 50% refund.
  • For cancellations made 30 days prior to the program start date, no refunds will be offered.
  • Your deposit of $750 is non refundable but can be applied to future programs or events within 1 year.
  • Please note that any payments made that are non-refundable can be applied to a future Equus workshop, 1-on-1 coaching requests, a future Equus Coach Training or Master Facilitator Training program, to be used within one year.


What You Receive Upon Completing Your Apprenticeship

  • Certificate of completion of the Equus Coach Master Facilitator Training
  • Listing on the Equus Coaching website as a Master Facilitator trained to run group workshop events
  • Occasional referrals from Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching to either support and/or conduct other equus workshops
  • Being a part of the vibrant Equus Coach Master Facilitator Community


Commonly Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What about the Wild Mustangs?

In previous Master Facilitator trainings the second onsite centered around learning about nonverbal communication and the language of energy directly from wild Mustangs. We have intentionally adjusted the course design to give students more time to practice their work with clients in a live workshop setting as we felt this was better preparation for you.  

As a result of this change, Koelle has now created a new separate Continuing Education workshop for any and all Master Facilitators that would like to learn powerful lessons from wild Mustangs. For more information see Mustang Training: Lessons with the Masters.

Are lodging and travel covered during workshop events I choose to shadow?

No, this will be an additional expense for you to consider. In most cases, lunch will be covered during a workshop event but, all other travel expenses will be on your own. Keep in mind that you can budget for the workshops you choose to shadow and spread the 4 events over 2 years.

Will I be able to teach for the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching?

This training is focused on supporting you in successfully running your own personal workshop events. Although a teaching instructor would need to be trained as a Master Facilitator in order to be an instructor, the institute is not hiring further teaching instructors at this time. Please do keep in mind that certified Master Facilitators are hired by active Equus Coaching students regularly for their mentorship needs.

Meet Your Available Mentors

Meet Your Available Mentors

These are the mentors to choose from to support your personal workshop event.

Kasia Roether

Kasia Roether, originally from Poland, has been working with horses and people in the US for the last 15 years. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of equine behavior guided her work toward helping people through the use of horses. Kasia has collaborated with programs such as: EAGALA, Tao of Equus, Morning Star Youth Ranch, programs for veterans and life coaching facilitated by Koelle Simpson and Martha Beck, and using horses for therapy and counseling. Those connections naturally led her to pursue life coaching facilitated by equine activities.

Living in Atascadero, CA, Kasia helps with workshops at North Star Ranch, offers individual and group life coaching, equine training sessions, and works with other coaches all over the US and the world.

Travis Stock

Travis Stock, MSW is a life coach and Equus master facilitator. Travis helps others find what creates balance in their lives by first seeking acceptance of what is. He utilizes the Equus experience to connect others with the often forgotten wisdom of the body, allowing for more fully explored and developed choices in their lives.  Travis has a passion for the balance between masculine and feminine energies in each of us, male or female, and believes in the importance of nurturing a relationship with both types of energy to create a sense of wholeness.  Travis brings with him interest and experience in the areas of family systems, human development, advocacy, emotions, transition, and connection with nature.


Renee Sievert

Renee Sievert offers individual coaching, team building and strategic planning for managers and executive teams. Certified as a Master Coach by Martha Beck and Master Equus Facilitator by Koelle Simpson, Renee combines empathy, intuition and powerful Equus exercises with coaching and leadership development. Renee is an author, speaker, and consultant with over 25 years of experience. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and a Certified Daring WayTM and Rising Strong Facilitator, trained by Brene Brown. She is also a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and the International Coaching Federation. She was honored in 2009 at the Tribute to Women in Industry (TWIN) awards in San Diego, CA.


Erin Cutshall

Erin Cutshall combines equus coaching with a background of 20 years of finance and leadership experience in Fortune 100 companies working both in the U.S. and internationally. She has a M.A. in Organizational Leadership and is certified by the Robert K Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. Erin believes leadership is all about authenticity and she loves helping people understand and accept who they really are. In her experience, there is no better way to do that than by spending time with a horse. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her two amazing children.


Jennifer Voss

As a Master Life & Equus Coach and the founder of The Truth Experience, Jennifer Voss helps others reinvent pieces of their personal and professional lives that are unhealthy or outdated. Before becoming certified as a Martha Beck Master Coach, she earned an MBA from The University of Alabama and spent 20+ years in various business ventures – ranging from owning an independent bookstore to holding an executive role within a national distribution company.  She loves blending her business background with the magic of equine coaching to help others connect with the heart and soul of their real work in the world.  Her favorite part is nailing down a vision and watching a dream come to life in a playful and healthy manner.  Jennifer believes that the most efficient and effective way to do that is to connect with nature and with others who share the same vision—with those who lift us up and make the game of business and life a fun, profitable, and sustainable one to play.  Jennifer lives in Knoxville, TN, has two children, two dogs, and dreams of having a horse ranch someday.

Master Facilitator Apprenticeship

Please email Support@KoelleInstitute.com if you have any questions.

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